It's Time To Take Your Dream Vacation!

Learn the steps to take your vacation from dream to reality.

We all deserve a vacation. We have dreams of seeing the Eiffel Tower or shopping in New York City, but many find it difficult to actually go on a vacation. If that's you then you need this course! You Can Travel Anywhere shows you how to take your vacation from dream to destination. Learn Bill and Maunda Land's three steps for not just vacationing, but taking the vacation you've always wanted.

What's Included In This Course?

Join World Travelers Bill and Maunda Land as they help you vacation like a pro.

  • Four Live Sessions with Q&A

  • Interactive Worksheets to help you plan your vacation

  • Travel Hacks including access to expert tools and resources

Course Features

You Can Travel Anywhere features a four live courses. Enroll today to participate in a live class!

  • Travel Planning Tools

    Bill and Maunda have prepared travel planning tools to help you plan your trip and keep you organized during your vacation.

  • Travel Saving Secrets

    Concerned that you are unable to travel due to a limited budget? Don't worry, this course is filled with travel savings secrets to help you save on vacation packages, cruises, hotel accommodations, airfare, and more.

  • Travel Hacks

    Learn to travel like a pro and get travel hacks to make your traveling easier.

  • Meet Your Traveling Tribe

    Connect with your traveling tribe - people that want to travel just like you. Share stories and connect with others as they embark on their dream vacations.